Day 2; Hour 36

It’s been 36 hours now since I’ve consumed food or water. I haven’t had any hunger pains thus far. Physically, I feel perfectly fine. I feel that I have plenty of energy to go about my day as normal. Psychologically, I’m feeling better and more at ease than I have been over the past 4 to 5 days. I just feel calm. I can’t describe it any other way.

I cannot recall what exactly led me to fasting. Whenever I was dealing with myself or something stressful, I would fast to make my days easier to bear. Fasting makes me feel good. It slows me down and puts me in a positive state of mind.

Nobody that I know or have met agrees with what I do to myself, but it’s something I enjoy doing. It puts me in a more natural state of being. By this, I mean a state of being without the thoughts and distractions that plague my mind which ultimately reduce my quality of life. I’ve experienced a better version of myself 2 years ago after fasting for 200 hours. It all seemed unreal, but the state of being I achieved at the time improved my well-being dramatically.

Fasting has been the only thing that has ever truly given me the comfort and confidence to move forward in life. It makes me smile, it puts me in a good mood, and it allows me to find joy in everything I do. It’s only day 2, and 36 hours is not enough time to truly experience what I’ve felt in the past. What I described will only intensify as time progresses, and only if I can find the will and strength to push myself moving forward.

Author: moroscastillo

Grad student, classical guitarist, vegan, minimalist, calligrapher, writer, thinker, observer, creator.

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