2 Days; Hour 48

Automotive just isn’t for me anymore. With the month of August, I intended to work to make a little extra money on the side for when Grad starts again on the 28th. I worked at school for the months of June and July this year just so I can be away from home for a summer.


I started working again yesterday. Every break and summer I had off from school, I would be here working on cars. I’ve been working in automotive since 2007. I haven’t worked here since last summer, and I don’t miss the work one bit. I’ve been saying to myself all day, “This just isn’t for me anymore.” I almost broke my nose after being forced in an awkward position to get a component loose. I hit the bone, heard a crack-like sound, and that was it. I took  few moments to massage the bridge of my nose with my fingers, and luckily nothing was broken or bruised. It hurt like hell. Now it only hurts when I make a face as if I just smelt something really bad. Thankfully, nothing serious happened.

Automotive is a great job to have while I’m still young and short of a job, but it will never be my career of choice, not anymore.

When I was younger, I enjoyed learning how things worked. I enjoyed taking things apart with my bare hands. Overtime, my body was starting to wear, and I said to myself that I wouldn’t be able to do this for the rest of my life.

As soon as I graduated with my bachelors in automotive business management, I went into grad school. I am working towards earning my masters in college student services administration.

I was an RA and a building administrator at my 4-year school. I enjoyed working with students. I enjoyed being able to provide them support, and to be the pair of ears they needed when no one else would listen. I enjoyed what I did because it allowed me to support students when they needed someone. I only wish I had someone that I could turn to when I needed them. I believe that that is part of the reason why I enjoy being a part of higher education. I believe that I am giving someone something I only wish I had, and that’s giving them someone to be there for them, myself.

The challenge was helping students realize their own realizations. I would never give them advice, unless they directly asked for it. I would listen to them, and ask the right questions at the right time so that they could formulate their own conclusions. I believe it’s the only way for them to grow and learn from their own experiences. Some days I will be straightforward and brutally honest, if I deem it necessary. Sometimes they just need to be pushed. I’ve seen many students grow over the course of their semesters. Many of which have come back to me to say their farewells before their graduation day. It’s a good feeling to know I’ve had an impact on someone’s life. I may never see most of them again, but in that moment of time when I had them, the time spent was well worth my efforts.

I’m glad to be who I am today. Although I’ve always believed that I had no one to turn to when I needed it most, it has all made me a stronger person. It makes me stronger in ways that allow me to bring others up when they are feeling down. Even though I still struggle with my own past, I can put it aside when someone else needs my attention.

It’s been 48 hours, and I feel fine. Even though I’ve been working my tail off these past 2 days fixing cars for 8 hours a day, I feel good. I feel better. However, I can’t keep this up, and I know that, not while fasting. I want one thing, which is to fast, but I also believe that I could use the extra money for when school starts. I have money for school, but I’d like to increase the amount of financial cushion I have for future in case of an emergency.

I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. I believe that fasting is more important for me at this moment in time, and it may be the only time that I have left to do it.

Author: moroscastillo

Grad student, classical guitarist, vegan, minimalist, calligrapher, writer, thinker, observer, creator.

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